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Some Of Our Parteners

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Longrich Business Opportunity Explained

Longrich Account Details

Longliqi International Nigeria Ltd
Zenith International Bank plc
A/c No: 1012908177

What Is Longrich Business Opportunity

Longrich, also known as The Longliqi Group is a leading Chinese cosmetic and equipment manufacturing company. We employ over 30,000 people worldwide and are rated as top 100 largest companies in China. We have 8 Research and Development centers around the world and have established branches in 187 countries including the USA, Canada, South Korea, Ukraine, Nigeria, and the United Arba Emirates. Through technological advancement and innovation, we aim to provide a better future for our world by improving the quality of life for our customers, employees, and partners. Longrich provides Original Equipment Manufacturing solutions for global brands including TESCO, Unilever, GSK, Walmart, Mark & Spencer. Our core philosophy is to improve the quality of human life, by delivering quality products and services that empower people spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

The JIANGSU LONGLIQI Biological Technology Co. Ltd is located in Longliqi Bio-industrial park, the park covers an area of more than 2,000 acres, east of Shanghai, north of Changshu, south of Suzhou. Our company is mainly engaged in cosmetics, household cleaning products, health care products, furniture, real estate, and logistics. We are currently the largest and the most advanced research, manufacturing, development technical daily chemical and health care products in China.

Our Advocacy which is to bring the best products to the highest value and marking it affordable to every Nigeria family made us popular within the Nigeria Market that led to our group for the past years. It is our mission to help family and communities transform their lives for the better through our products and incentives programmes.

Company Chairman, Mr. Zu Zhiwei is a man of humble beginning. Mr. Xu Zhiwei started his life as an accomplished carpenter. He set out very early in life to provide a platform that will help everyone in his neighborhood in China to prosper. He later expanded this vision of providing prosperity beyond his neighborhood to over 190 countries.

The Company’s Vision, Mission, and Value:

Vision: To Be World’s Best Health And Beauty Solution provider.

Mission: Committed to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

Value: Diligence, Continual Improvement, Perserance, passion, Collaboration and Change.

Our Compensation Plan

Longrich compensation plan is very different.. and designed to help distributors achieves success faster.

Longrich Partnership Opportunity

Longrich is offering you a partnership opportunity to become a stakeholder/shareholder through the global sharing platform as follows:
A. VIP members: 1% of global sales are shared (monthly) among all VIP members relative to a team activity.

B. Diamond 4 Members: 1% of global sales is shared among all Diamond 4 Members as travel incentives. Thus every Diamond 4 member who is a VIP member shares in a total of 2% of Global Sales.

C. Diamond 6 Members: 1% of global sales is shared among all Diamond 6 Members as car incentives in addition to the travel incentive. Thus every Diamond 6 member who is a VIP member shares in a total of 3% of Global Sales.

D. Diamond 7 Members: 0.5% of global sales is shared among all Diamond 7 Members as house incentives in addition to the car and travel incentives. Thus every Diamond 7 member who is a VIP member shares in a total of 3.5% of Global Sales

The shares are calculated monthly (relative to the activities of your team) as points and deposited in your e-wallet.
The higher your team purchases, The higher your points.
1 point is equivalent to $100.
These points can be withdrawn as cash anytime.
1. Bonuses: you earn weekly bonuses on the purchases of your team. Longrich pays 4 types of bonuses on her Mainstream platform and other bonuses on other platforms such as the combos and fast track programme.
2. Promos: Longrich runs 2-3 international trip promos and 1 car fund promo annually. The trips are all-expenses paid including visa fees, flight, accomodation, feeding and tours. The trips can be cashed out too. So far, we have travelled to USA, China, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, UK, Abu Dhabi, etc.
3. Diamond 7 Incentive: As a Diamond 7 member, you are entitled to the following:
A. An interest free SUV-loan
B. Transferable 2-year Scholarship (diploma) opportunity in Suchow University.
4. SD incentive: All star directors are entitled to the following incentives:
A. An interest free house loan up to 25M Naira.
B. Transferable 4-year B.Sc scholarship opportunity in Suchow University
C. Executive MBA scholarship opportunity abroad
D. Share in 1% global sales, calculated monthly and paid cash biannually. Please note that this is different from the shareholding points described earlier.

How Do I Get My Products After Registration In My Location

Longrich has stockist in almost major cities in the world. And these stockist are charged with these responsibilities:

1. Completing Distributors Registration and

2. Delivering Products to the new distributors.  


How Do I Join Longrich

Joining Longrich does not require registration fee. However, to become a partner with Longrich you are expected to purchase products that equals the chosen Entry Levels.
Here are the available entry levels in Longrich:


1. VIP -1680 Pvs (N800,000 ) (earn 1% share of global sales from 188 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus on team activities!

2. PLATINUM -720pvs (N400,000)
(earns 12% weekly bonus on team activities)

3. GOLD – 240pvs (N150,000) (earns 10% weekly bonus on team activities)

4. SILVER – 120PV (N75,000)
(earns 8% weekly bonus on team activities)

5. QSILVER-60PV (N40,000)

Click here to start your registration.

How Do I Enjoy These Benefits In Longrich

Longrich, does not engage with TV and Radio adverts to market their products. However, Longrich depends on the relys on the efforts of  passionate and committed distributors like you to drive sales of their products.